Babydoll’s first Stoner Thoughts

Hi guys!

I thought it’d be fun to the ridiculous stuff that comes out of my mouth while stoned. (Even I think it’s ridiculous)

“I just had a thought. The mountain looks like it doesn’t exist below the clouds. Almost like it’s floating above the world.

Almost like Mount Olympus!

Wait… *facepalm* Olympic Peninsula.

I’m slow to the bus….”

“So recently I’ve tried dying my own hair. Not the box kind ya know? The metal tube, vinyl capes and bright pink lipstick kind of dye.

I got to do my friend Anna’s hair in multiple layers of vibrant color.

Mine we painted red… just more red than before…

Anyways. Here I am on my flight thinking about my next hair color trick and cackling in my own wispy head about how wicked witch id look with some painted in grey…


I’ll share more soon. Maybe even some kinky audio?

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